Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 so far

Since the blue moon day of 31st December, 2009 I have not posted an article on my blog. It is very unlikely of me to have ignored my blog for so long. Too many positive things happened in my life after the blue moon day that kept me very busy in my personal life.

I got engaged on Valentine's day and marriage followed very soon in the month of March. Marriage is definitely a major turning point in one's life. The way my marriage worked out is no less than a fairy tale. This when I was not looking forward to such an event in my life with high hopes. It has only helped to reinforce my faith in God. He knows when is the right time for everything and I have been guilty of questioning Him at times. I also learned that patience plays an important role. So smooth has been my transition from being single to a married man that I simply can't stop wondering whether it is reality or dream. The way 2010 has shaped up makes me feel that it will set the trend for the coming days.

I am looking forward to my future with renewed faith. I am pretty confident that things will now move in the right direction.


Sangitha said...

yeah.. u ignored ur blog for a very long time.. Busy bee na now.. :P
Things has and will always move in the right direction.. it juz depends on how we look at it.. :D

Vijit said...

Thank you Sangitha!

Where were you? Didn't see you at my wedding reception.

Sunjit said...

F***er, you got married and never ever bothered telling neither b4 nor after. If I havent visited ur blog would have never known about you losing ur bachelorhood.

Vijit said...

Sorry Sunjit!

I think I sent an email invitation to you. Also, I didn't have your number.

Really sorry yaar.