Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day9 - 21 day lock down in India

Today was day 9 of the 21 day lock down in India. Though there were multiple tasks to complete on the work front, it still was not as hectic as yesterday. I did my Shambhavi practice as well. I also did some light exercises today.
Two Covid19 positive cases have been reported in my locality. It seems tomorrow the local municipal organization is going to sanitize the specific building and the premises.

There are multiple reports of doctors and policemen being attacked by ignorant mobs in the country. I really fail to comprehend why these people cannot understand that lock down and isolation are steps being carried out for their own safety. I strongly feel that Uniform Civil Code should be implemented soon. Religion should not be above humanity. In the name of religion, no one should be allowed to put others life at risk. 

Today was Ram Navami. An auspicious day but temples are all shut due to the lock down. There are also news coming in about the lock down being extended further. May be more details about this would be known in the coming days. The condition in US and few European countries is also very bad as the affected people count is in lakhs there and the number of deaths are also very high.

Time to wind up my day with the hope for a better tomorrow and good positive news about the situation improving in India and everywhere in the world. Good night!

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