Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day21 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 21 of the 21 day lock down in India. Today was Vishu as well, the harvest festival of Kerala. It is celebrated under different names in other states too. I woke up early today. In fact very early for Vishu Kani. I think anybody alive today, celebrating Vishu would not have celebrated it locked up in their homes ever in their entire life. Yet, there is something about this day that brings lot of optimism and a feeling in the mind that things would change for the better.

Today PM Modi addressed the nation again to announce about extension of lock down until 3rd May. However, he also hinted about some relief after 20th April on a case by case basis for areas where there are no hot spots due to coronavirus risk.

On work front today there was some apprehension about a meeting. However, it went pretty well. Much better than expected.

Lunch was good today. Despite the lock down something special for Vishu. It felt good. Post lunch I continued working.

In the evening I did Shambhavi. Thanks to the lock down I am able to stick to it. Today is the last day of the post related to the 21 day Lock down. Yes, lock down has been extended but it is now getting very monotonous to write about almost the same kind of experience every day.

I hope that some solution is found soon and the lock down could be lifted sooner. For people like me, it is not a big deal. Work from home is an option. However, for many daily wage laborers, auto rickshaw and taxi drivers, these are tough days. Also, people having other jobs run the risk of losing the job. Even if they manage to save the job, they may not get paid for the lock down period. 

I wish to end my blog post with the hope that the lock down will end soon. I am sure that the whole episode has made us humans feel humbled. The arrogance of the human race has been destroyed by a nano virus. The lessons learnt will stay with us for long.

Good Night!


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