Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day20 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 20 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up early today as it was a Monday and a working day for me. For my wife though it was a holiday on account of Easter Sunday. I did venture out again today to buy vegetables and was lucky enough to get it. My brother had also offered to buy it for me if he gets it at his place which he did. I went and collected it from his residence.

I accomplished a lot on the work front. Multiple different tasks were completed today. I also got nominated by an office colleague to write a post on Linkedin about the work from home experience. I wrote this post. It got lot of attention and few likes as well. I continued working on some pending office work and then took a break for doing my Shambhavi practice.

Post Shambhavi, I relaxed a bit and then had my dinner. After dinner I watched some news related to Corona. I came to know that the PM Narendra Modi will be addressing the country again tomorrow at 10 am. It is most likely about extending the lock down. As per original announcement of his, it was supposed to end tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is Vishu as well. A festival celebrated by natives of Kerala like me. It is an auspicious day similar to Baisakhi (celebrated by Punjabis) signifying prosperity, abundance and well being. This would be that rare Vishu when we would not be able to celebrate the festival in a grand manner. However, I do hope that tomorrow becomes the turning point in our efforts to fight against the coronavirus outbreak and we start moving towards better and prosperous days.

Good Night!


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