Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day18 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 18 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up late as it was a holiday being a Saturday. I did venture out today to buy vegetables. However, by the time my turn to make payment came at the counter, the cops came and got the shops to shut down. It seems the shops will remain shut until 14th of April. I then came back home, took bath and played cards with my daughter. It was announced by Chief Minister of Maharashtra that the lock down has been extended till 30th April. It was expected. However, I would not being continuing this blog series accordingly. I will stop my updates as per the original 21 day lock down period only. The reason being that it is the same routine that is being repeated because we are staying at home.

Post lunch, we played two rounds of housie online with friends. After housie played couple of games of Ludo with wife and daughter. Then I did my Shambhavi practice. After that had dinner and post dinner, we played Ludo online using Ludo King app. 

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. However, it will be like a working day for me as I have to finish of pending tasks and be ready by Monday.

I hope the coming week is less stressful on the work front. I did get some subtle intuitive messages today regarding some questions I had in my mind about my career. I hope it turns out to be true.

Good Night!


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