Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day16 - 21 Day Lock Down in India

Today was day 16 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up on time. On work front day was hectic. Work from home actually makes the working days longer. There is no doubt about it. Three days of holidays are something to look forward to. I really am missing office now. The office commute even though at times was taking a toll on you, it was still making you to move from one place to another. Here at home you are stuck and cannot move much. In the morning when I was checking my ward robe, I found 5 brand new formal shirts I bought just a day or two before lock down. I started to wonder when I will be  wearing them to office. 

I wish I could take a sabbatical. Especially when you are putting in more work than normal and there is no where to go and rewind yourself. The one thing that is keeping me going is the Shambhavi practice I am doing daily. It does allow me to recenter and recharge my batteries.

I spent some time playing cards and ludo with my wife and daughter. That too helped to beat the stress. I think that the lock down maybe helping save lives but it is definitely getting people bored to the bone. I know people who have no work may be using it for some creative pursuit. However, I am definitely utilizing it more for work related tasks and less for any creative pursuit or skill development. I hope that the lock down does get lifted after the 21 days. However, when I look at the rise in covid 19 cases, I know that we are looking at more days of being locked up in our homes.

I hope that the next 3 days helps me find some ideas that will help address the challenges. I am definitely going to think of some creative solution to my problem.


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