Sunday, April 5, 2020

Day12 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 12 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up late as it was a Sunday. However, I did go out immediately after waking up to buy milk, curd and Paneer. I also bought some fruits and eggs. Immediately after coming back I took bath. Then had my breakfast. I was actively following social media and found some of them were opposing Modi's call for light diya, candle or flash mobile flash lights from 9 pm for 9 minutes. I failed to understand why people were making so much noise about it. It is a voluntary exercise. I ended up questioning one of them in a Whatsapp group and received some sarcasm back for some logical questions asked about one of the videos posted against the exercise. That was it, I mean no logical answers were provided. I ignored the sarcasm because I knew that at 9 pm, such illogical people were going to get a response from the nation.

In the afternoon post lunch played housie online with friends. It was fun. We played two rounds. In the evening my wife, daughter and in laws made preparations for lighting of diya and candles. I also did my Shambhavi practice. Even before it was 9 pm, lights were switched off. Slowly diya's were lighted and so were few candles. All the flats in the neighboring building also displayed diya or candle or atleast flashed the mobile flash lights. It was a beautiful experience. It was an exercise that increased positivity. That feeling of positivity is much needed when people are getting frustrated sitting at home. The whole purpose of the exercise was to uplift the mood of the people and I am sure that every one who participated must have experienced it. Some actions do not have a tangible outcome. We cannot measure the feelings. People who participated especially kids who were involved enjoyed it. My daughter was so excited. For a parent who cannot take her kid out, it mattered. She felt positive and enjoyed the experience. What else would you need when a small act can change the mood of your little one. The feeling of oneness, the thought that we all are together in these difficult times also must have resonated in people's mind.

I am winding up my day feeling happy that I participated wholeheartedly and supported PM Narendra Modi's call to light diyas. Others who didn't want to do it and did not do it, I fully respect your decision. However, I would have admired your position if you would have chose to not discourage or ridicule people who chose to participate. Ultimately, it is every individuals decision.

Good night!

I will come back again tomorrow with updates from Day 13 of the lock down.


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