Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day11 - 21 Day Lock Down In India

Today was day 11 of the 21 day lock down in India. After a week, I stepped out along with my wife for vegetables and fruit shopping. We took out our car but were asked to return from the main gate. The recent detection of positive case in a nearby building in Lodha Paradise complex seems to be the reason behind a strict no venturing out policy being implemented. Though it meant, we had to walk all the way, we didn't argue with the security and just returned back to park our car. Then we again went out by walk. We bought some vegetables, fruits and medicines that were needed and headed back home. When we were on our way back we noticed TMC health officials near the entrance of our building. We were not sure why they were waiting there so asked our security whether he was aware of anything. Since he had no information, he went out and checked with them. Later I called the security from our flat and came to know the purpose of the visit was to do a survey and that they will be visiting each flat. 

After getting fresh, just before having our lunch, we visited our neighbor who was just back from hospital after a surgery. She is in her eighties. While we were interacting with them, the health officials from TMC, whom we had noticed downstairs, reached our flat. They had some survey questions to figure out how many members were there in our family, their age, any health issues being faced by anyone, any travel history and two contact numbers for following up for the next 14 days. Upon inquiring whether it had got anything to do with positive cases of coronavirus cases in the nearby building, they answered in the affirmative.

We had lunch and post lunch we got ready to play a game of housie online over Google duo. My daughter won full housie in two games and my wife in one of the games. I didn't win anything but it was still fun in such times when we cannot venture out.


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