Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Day7 - 21 day lock down in India

Today was day 7 of the 21 day lock down in India. I woke up early and started my work early as well. I thought I would be able to wind up early. However, I actually ended up working more. 

Corona virus infected cases in India rose to 1590 and the death toll has climbed to 41. Thanks to stupidity of some, more Indians are getting infected. People do not understand the seriousness of the issue. They are risking their own life and also of others by not following the strict instructions to stay home and not venture out. Even if venturing out, they are not taking necessary precautions. The AAP government of Delhi also played an irresponsible role in spreading the virus by making the migrants in Delhi to head towards UP and Bihar. It was so inhumane of them to do this. 

Telangana saw 6 deaths due to Covid19 as people who had gathered for a mass religious meet in Delhi went back to Telangana. It is because of such stupidity that the virus continues to spread and infect more and more people. It is a time to stay put wherever one is. I am sure the government of the locality and the people around will definitely help with food and any other essentials. I hope we do not have to pay a heavy price for stupidity of few careless people. India's situation is comparatively better even today. Many countries have paid a heavier price than India. However, that doesn't mean we can drop the guard and continue to act foolish. Awareness, sensitivity and sensibility is the need of the hour. 

Tomorrow will begin a new month, I hope it also begins a new chapter of life which ushers positivity.

Wishing every one a Good Night and sweet dreams!


 Image courtesy: https://keepcalms.com/p/chin-up-tomorrow-will-be-a-brighter-day/

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