Monday, March 30, 2020

Day6 - 21 day lock down in India

Today was Day 6 of the 21 day lock down in India. It was a Monday and a working day. The  day was hectic and I ended up working more hours than I otherwise would have. Working from home I think actually stops you from defining those boundaries. 

I had an important meeting today. Post that meeting I had worked on some tasks planned for the day on work front.  The entire day was spent on it and yet something remained to be completed for tomorrow.

I did do Shambhavi as it is one of my resolutions for the 21 day lock down. Few other things that I am actively thinking about doing is learning Financial Accounting from Udemy as it is useful both from personal and professional perspective. I also wish to reduce screen time and instead spend more time on reading books.  

I am keeping it short today as it was too tiring. Hoping that tomorrow isn't as hectic and I am able to limit my work to about 8 hours and then spend some time on personal stuff.

Time to crash on the bed. Good night!


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