Friday, March 27, 2020

Day3 - 21 day lock down in India

Today was day 3 of the 21 day lock down in India. The number of death recorded in India reached 20 with over 875 cases. Though untimely death of even a single person is worrisome. Considering the situation in other countries, we seem to be doing better. I hope we can reverse the number of cases and prevent any more deaths to happen.

The work from home continued and so did the conflict with my wife regarding who occupies the meeting room (bedroom). I started my day a bit late today, around 10 am. The reason being that I had a 7:30 pm meeting scheduled. I spent time working on different work related assignments. 

Before getting into the 7:30 pm meeting, I completed by Shambhavi (meditation) practice. It did give me a boost of energy and I was able to actively participate in the meeting despite being end of my work day and work week. In the meeting, I interacted with participants from UK and Chennai. The common factor connecting all of us was Corona and the lock down caused due to it. For last 2 weeks, I do not think there would have been a single day spent without uttering the word Corona or discussing the inconveniences caused due to it.

Despite, it being a Friday, I was not too excited about the weekend. The reason being that I won't be able to go out. The only thing that is assuring is the fact that I am with my family. There are still 18 more days to go and I hope we reach that milestone without any more deaths or increase in number of positive cases.


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