Friday, September 5, 2014

Narendra Modi - The PM India always wanted

You may love him, you may hate him but you just cannot ignore him. Narendra Modi is a force to reckon with. The last decade we were used to a lack lustre Prime Minister (PM). Come 2014 and you have a very dynamic PM who speaks with confidence and is spontaneous. When you have a leader who speaks like Modi, you got to listen. Hundred days in governance is too early to judge how successful he is. However, what strikes me the most is that he has brought life into the post of PM. This is reminiscent of the times when Dr. Abdul Kalam was the President of India. He too was such an inspiring leader. The ideal situation would be to have Narendra Modi as PM and Dr. Abdul Kalam as President. Wishful think you might say.

In India, the Prime minister's post is the most powerful post. During UPA, it was the Congress President Sonia Gandhi who was the most powerful personality instead of the PM. This was the case both within the party and even when it came to the government. Manmohan Singh was always sidelined or not given the due respect his position deserved. It showed in his body language and when the leader is weak, the whole country will automatically be perceived to be weak. Narendra Modi on the other hand is confidence personified. For the swearing in ceremony he invited leaders from all the SAARC nations. It was such a nice move and out of the box thinking too. Making the bureaucracy work was one of the first initiative taken by him after becoming PM. Creating an interactive website and using social media tools like Facebook and twitter is another important initiative of his. The common man who voted for him now is updated of almost every thing that he is doing as PM. There is also  a forum for people to contribute towards development of the nation. He is incorporating the common man's ideas for tackling the various challenges that the country is facing. He is also motivating people to contribute both with ideas and actions in nation building. How successful he would be in improving India's prospects is something that we are not in a position to predict now. What matters to me is that the things he is doing right now is something which has never happened before in this nation. After being voted to power, the general trend has been to ignore the masses. This is not the case right now. 

Pakistan's ceasefire violations are being tackled boldly by this new government under Narendra Modi's leadership. The Indian army is now giving a fitting reply to ceasefire violations by Pakistan. There is a limit to enduring Pakistan's nonsense and there comes a point when one has to pay back. I feel great pride when I see the news channels and find our army personnel's with their morale boosted. Earlier we were not retaliating strongly to the misadventures of Pakistan army. Now things have changed. Yes, there is a risk of a war like situation but what is the use of losing our soldiers by not retaliating. 
In his bilateral visit to Japan Narendra Modi was at his dynamic best. I liked how he came across as genuine and warm towards the people of Japan.

Today on occasion of teacher's day, he interacted with school kids. Again such a novel idea. I know there are some voices condemning his initiative as school managements and state machineries had to face some hardships due to this. However, the whole idea for me was inspirational. He reached out to the future of the nation on Teacher's day. Has any Prime Minister every done this? In the age of technology he is using technology to connect with the masses. Reaching out to school kids was a really great initiative on his part. Inspiring kids and being open to take their questions is definitely a  welcome act on his part. 

Kudos to Narendra Modi! Again I know it is very early days for his government but based on what I have seen so far, he is saying and doing things which is refreshing and unprecedented. 

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