Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rahul Gandhi - the confused leader

Rahul Gandhi seems to be one of the most confused leader ever in the Congress Party. His lack of leadership is so obvious and yet the Congress party continues to back him just because of his last name. This is not right at all for a democracy. From being too passive in the Parliament to the point that he was found sleeping during a debate on escalating food prices, to being overtly active in criticizing the Speaker of being partial, is proof of his immaturity and lack of leadership qualities.

The Congress party is struggling to maintain its reputation of a national party after winning just 44 seats in the Lok Sabha elections and it still hasn't learned any lesson from the worst performance ever in the history of this 128 year old party. They are struggling to hold their ground and instead of working to strengthen their party they are continuing to tarnish their reputation with their negative approach in the Parliament. I think it is high time that this party makes way for an able leader, someone outside of the Gandhi family or else they will just not be able to stop the party from falling apart.

While campaigning for the election also it was very evident that Rahul Gandhi was not cut to lead the party to victory and hence Priyanka Gandhi had to chip in. There were many within Congress who felt that Priyanka would do a much better job than Rahul. When the leader of a party is confused, the party will definitely lack vision and direction. This is exactly what is happening with the Congress party right now. Nobody seems to be sure. Both Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party needs to wake up or else they will soon be victims of their own misadventure.

There are many able leaders in the Congress party outside of the Gandhi family. However, the obsession for the Gandhi family has sidelined everyone else. Manmohan Singh is a classic example of how a knowledgeable and able leader becomes handicapped due to lack of support and backing from the party. Though Rahul Gandhi had all the backing he never showed the courage to take charge. The Gandhi family used Manmohan Singh as a shield to protect themselves. Though the decisions were taken at 10 Janpath, the negative impact of the decisions were attributed to Manmohan Singh. The nation realized this and hence they decided to go in for a decisive and confident leader of Narendra Modi's stature for PM. 

It is high time that Congress figures out a better leader than Rahul Gandhi to take charge or else this party would soon be a rudderless ship.

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